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The Becca Earring

$10 from every Becca Earring purchased goes to The Rebecca Chilinski Memorial Scholarship Fund. An additional 10% of every other sunflower earring sold will go to the fund.

Here is a special message from Becca's Mom, Berni.

"Becca Chilinski was a beautiful free-spirit, a talented artist, and a self-proclaimed “Flower Child,” however she struggled with mental health issues for more than half of her 19 short years of life. She continually searched for reasons why she was so troubled, including seeking professional help.

Sadly, in the early morning hours of August 1, 2019, Becca lost her battle with mental illness and took her own life, leaving her family, friends, and even strangers, devastated. Becca's life and death will not be in vain! We are determined to help prevent this from happening to another teen or family.

Sunflowers remind our family of Becca, for a couple reasons:
First, as you can see in the picture of Becca and her sister, Jenna, I've never seen her happier. Notice the sunflower pants she is wearing. When I see sunflowers, I see Becca's  smiling face.

Secondly, sunflowers represent a source strength, since they grow toward the sun, and when the sun isn't shining brightly, they turn to face other sunflowers. Our hope is that we reach out to others who are struggling with mental health, and teach them to stay strong, turn to others, and choose to live. 🌻

Each year, we give away two $725 scholarships (725 = her birthday 7/25 )

The first scholarship is given to a senior who plans to major in the mental health field - knowing that they will continue to help people, brings us comfort.

The second scholarship is given to a senior with plans to major in visal arts, since Becca was an artist herself.


Thank you, Berni"